Unwanted guests, wanted guests

“MWahahahahaha! At last my greatest invention is comple…*RING*…ted.



“Who dare to disturb Doctor Krauss in his moment of joy!”, he raged from the non-descript basement.


“I know! I`ll put on my ear protectors”


“Blast! It didn´t work!”, he roared and sent the ear protectors flying.


He took a glance at his new invention. “Hmm. Perhaps maybe?”, he smiled menacingly.



The door flung open to the suburban house and a sweaty man was standing in the door frame and greeted his two intruders….I mean guests. “Sorry I had to make you gentlemen wait. I am Dr Krauss”. The pair, two young men each dressed in a white shirt, a red tie,, business pants and a rucksack on their back, was holding a big black book each. They were just about to leave when the owner of the house invited them in.
“Do you want anything to drink? I have anything you would want. Beer? Soda? Scotch? Um, beer?”
One of the visitors politely informed his host that they only drank water.
“Two water coming up!”, the good doctor exclaimed gleefully..

Two empty glasses later the two young men was snoring loudly in Dr Krauss sofa.
The doctor cackled and rubbed his hands in anticipation for the upcoming experiment.

“What do you want us to do, Master?”
“Yes, we can do anything you want, Master”
Two women, former young men, was conducting their ministrations of Dr Krauss, with happy faces. After all, he was their Master and Maker. They owed their very existence to him., and they loved this hunk of a man way too much to look at any one else.

The invention had been a success! The youngsters had been put into the Modification Chambers with back breaking labor and a plethora of swear words.
He had ample to adjust the machine before they woke up and by Einstein and Bohr, he would make them perfect!


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