Butt Plug of Change

*Applies more lube*
Almost there.
The widest part of the butt plug was inside and now the rest of it just situated itself in place. Jack´s body quivered from the pleasure of being filled up.
The gem at the end of the butt plug began to shine, now the really good part was about that happen.
The magic crackled and tendrils of energy shot out.
It was always the closest parts of his body to the gem that was changed first.
He savored the feeling when his ass ballooned outwards, together with is now wider hips.
A personal favorite was when his erect penis sank into his body and formed a vagina instead. The orgasm that followed usually made him miss when his legs and stomach was altered as the changes spread upwards and downwards. He would rather have it at the end as the grand finale.
His bust began to grow into the usual big proportions and his shoulders got smaller, his arms daintier.
It tickled in his throat as his voice became higher and softer, his feet shrunk a couple of sizes.
He felt how is face morphed and became more rounded. His eyes looked bigger and his lips was decidedly bigger.
His hair exploded into a full and silky brown mane.
And with that the changes was complete.

Jack stood up, wiggling the butt plug inside of him a little.
When removing it he had 57 minutes until he reverted back into his old shape, but he preferred to let it stay and only removing it when he really had to. Guys liked it as well, they thought he was kinky and that hade more than once kicked their sex session into the second gear.
He moved to the closet and began to sift through the clothes of his alternate personality. He felt for wearing something classic and picked out his black dress and his knee high pumps.
Jack admired himself in the mirror. The face of an angel but a body built for sin.


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