Uncomfortable stare

I was just resting close to the pool, when a hot girl caught my eye. She was wearing a green bikini and drinking lemonade. I just couldn’t stop looking at her breasts, they were huge. I could tell this wasn’t her first day here, she already had a nice tan. She looked at me, and I looked somewhere else. “I hope she didn’t catch me staring” I thought. I looked back, and she was staring at me, she just smiled, and took another sip, I smiled back, and then pretended to be reading a book.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but I heard a loud thunder. I closed my eyes as a reflex. But when I openned my eyes, my view was very different. I was staring right at that girl’s breasts, and I could feel her cold lemonade on my hand. I was in her body. I looked back at where I was a few minutes before, but my formerself was just reading a book, like if nothing happened. I stood up and walked towards him. “Wow these things are heavy” I thought when I felt the weight of my breasts. “Excuse me, are you…?” I asked him, he closed his book, “hi… ” he said, “yes… sorry… I was staring… but only because I thought you are to good looking”. I could see he was kind of embarrased, maybe he doesn’t know what happened.

I asked him his name, “Hi, I am… Kat… I think… and you are?”, I said the first name that came to mind, to which he responded with the correct name, “John”. “Ok John, just be more carefull when staring, you were making me uncomfortable” I told him, and left. I still had to figure out what happened. So I looked inside my purse, and saw my id, “Katherine. Wow, that was a cool coincidence” I thought. Later that day I went back to my room, which thankfully my key was numbered. I wanted to search about my condition online, but I was curious about my new body, so I decided to explore it first.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I possed sexily, I squeezed my nipples, I fingered my pussy. “I can get used to this” I thought. I came in no time. After taking a shower, I got dressed. It wasn’t until that moment that another girl showed up. “Kat! there you are! we were worried when we didn’t see you at the pool” she said. “Sorry, I just had to take a shower” I said. “wait, Kat, are you wearing my clothes?” she asked. A few minutes ago, I didn’t even know I was sharing a room, how was I supposed to know these were her clothes. “Yes sorry” I said. That was the first of many ackward moments I had until I finally adjusted into this new life. I no longer seek to go back, I just want to enjoy the rest of my life as Kat.


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