My New View

I am a wealthy woman, so I can do what I want. When the very expensive secret technology was developed to do the man/woman switch, why wouldn’t I try it for a week? Of course I didn’t ask Stephen whether he would like to be me (Rachel) for a week. It isn’t up to him.

Part of my motivation was that as a woman I couldn’t help but notice what a good time men were having when they made love with me. They always wanted to do it again, as soon as possible. I had a great time too, especially when they were especially good at giving me pleasure. More than once I have been lying on the bed with Stephen (or someone else) with my body racked with orgasms. But even then it made me wonder how it was for a man.

My other motivation is that Stephen seemed a little cocky when we had sex, just a little too proud of himself and his cock. I thought it might be instructive to him to get a new perspective.

He thought we were going to a nice resort for a week just for rest and relaxation. I arranged for the change to happen on Saturday.

I can report that our new Rachel was wide eyed from the time she woke up. When she saw her breasts and felt the smallness and femininity of her body, she understood what happened right away. She reached for her cock and found only her new, very useful equipment.

It probably wasn’t a good idea for her to say “You bitch!” to me. It wasn’t the way I was thinking about it until then, but I couldn’t help but say, “No, Rachel, you are my bitch now!”

I was in control. She was befuddled but I could tell with her new hormones she was interested too. I got her nightie off and put her down on the bed with her legs high and her in a very, very fuckable position. She looked up at me, still wide eyed, and said, “Oh, Stephen, I miss having my cock.”

I looked down at her, and put every inch of that big, wonderful cock all the way inside her, eliciting her moans. I said, “well, if you miss having it, here it is, Rachel.” She said, “oh, yes please I want it. I want it. Yes please give it to me Stephen. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes…………….


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