John and I had both been dating Amanda for a while. It was all above-board – everyone knew and agreed – but it still bothered us. Eventually we got together and gave Amanda an ultimatum. She had to pick one of us and break up with the other.

She was extremely upset, flustered and in tears. She told us she loved us both, and didn’t know why we couldn’t all be together. John and I looked at each other, uncomfortable. Finally we told her we just couldn’t handle it – we weren’t gay. We didn’t want to ever have sex with another guy involved.

At that, she got mad. She pointed out that we both liked lesbian porn, and angrily asked us if it would work if we were girls and she was the guy. We told her of course! Two girls with one guy is hot. And it makes more sense, since the girls can have sex with each other if the guy isn’t available.

At that point we learned a few things. For example, Amanda is a witch who’s capable of changing genders and sexual preferences. We also found out that our “of course” earlier was sufficient agreement to bind us to a magical contract. And finally, we learned that it’s a bad idea to give a magic user ultimatums.

I lost the coin toss, which is why I’m over here rubbing my new pussy instead of being introduced to Amanda’s new cock. I’m ok with that though, since it also means I get to be on birth control. We all agreed that it wouldn’t be a good decision to have both John and I knocked up at the same time.

It’ll be three days before Amanda can fuck me bareback, but I don’t mind. You see, when she made us bisexual, I think she got the ratio slightly off. Sure, Amanda’s dick looks nice, and I wouldn’t mind sucking or fucking it. But what I really want to do is go over there and eat out John’s pussy, then ride his face until I cum on his tongue.

From the look he just gave me, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way.


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