Your choice

Joe groaned as he finished titty fucking Maria, shooting his load all over her boobs. He straddled her as the last drops of his cum dripped down on to her body.

“Mmm, you need to wash up.” He said as he smiled down at what he’d done.

“Not yet, I want to lay here for awhile. Lay down on top of me so we can be close.” Maria cooed with a happy smile.

“Umm, no thanks.” Joe said as he looked down at her spooge covered tits. He didn’t want to lay in his own cum!

“Come on.” Maria cooed and ran her hands up and down Joe’s chest.

“No way. You’re a chick so you like cum on your skin, I’m a guy so I don’t.” Joe said and smiled down at her.

“Oh, is that all that’s stopping you?” Maria said and arched an eyebrow. Her hands grabbed Joe’s hips and suddenly his whole body spasmed. He lurked forwards and before he’d completely collapse he’d been turned into a woman. He gasped, frozen in place and looked closely at the tits covered in his spooge and Maria’s smiling face beyond them.

“There, not that’s not a problem anymore.” Maria said and stroked Joe’s new long blond hair. His whole body felt foreign to him, the pussy stuck up in the air now, the tits hanging from his chest. He couldn’t move anything other than his head though.

“Now you can either lay on top of me and embrace me, or you can lick me clean. Your call.” Maria said and waited for Joe to make his choice.


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