Turning into his own fantasy

“A genie, huh? Ok, I wish for a billion dollars.” Joe said.

“It doesn’t work that way master. I am a sex genie. I can only grant wishes that are sexual in nature, and I can only grant you one. Please feel free to be creative though. So long as it is one wish I can grant it no matter how convoluted it is.” The genie said with a smile.

“Hmmm…” Joe said and thought for a second, trying to put all of his most erotic thoughts together, “I wish I knew a sexy blond who was as kinky as me and loved getting covered in cum so much that no matter how much she got on her she would only shower once a day.” Joe said and smirked. There was nothing sexier in his mind than a girl with cum on her, but finding a willing girl was tough.

“Granted.” The genie said and smirked and there was a loud POOF and a flash of light.

Joe came felt dizzy and he wasn’t sure where he was. There was something in his eyes and he felt all sticky and slimy and horny. But not like, boner horny. He was horny in a different way. There was something in his hand he was pumping.

He wiped his eyes clean just in time to look down at his cum covered tits and pussy. He moved his hand down to touch his pussy and then glanced to the side, seeing the dick he’d been stroking fire a volley right at his face. He closed his eyes and let out an involuntary moan as the warm jizz hit his already covered face.

The genie watched from his lamp as Joe massaged the cum into his skin in the gloryhole. When another cock appeared Joe didn’t hesitate and leaned down to start sucking on it. Hours later Joe exited the booth, drenched in cum, smiling as everyone stared at her. The genie knew he’d done a good job. People always ended up liking turning into their own fantasies.


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