Adventures in Ethical Bodyhopping – 1

There are a lot of downsides to being an ethical bodyhopper. It’s understandably hard to convince people to voluntarily swap bodies with me, although not always. You’d be surprised how often attractive men and women really want a major change, and I can help them. The other issue is that for obvious reasons, it makes dating tough when you want to be monogamous.

On the other hand, it helps me sleep better at night. And there’s days like today. I sometimes work with The Fixers – they hunt rogue bodyhoppers and help their victims. And I’m invaluable to their work. While people don’t always get their original body back, we can usually arrange things so they at least get back to their original gender – assuming they want to change back, that is. Just takes me a few rapid swaps and people are in their new bodies, and I always feel great to see them so happy and get thanked for what I am. The Fixers pay me pretty well, too, and sometimes I get a nice body upgrade out of the deal. Which, other than helping people, is also why I’m excited today.

I’d been a man for a while, and both my girlfriend Star and I thought things were getting a little stale. Star’s a kinky bisexual (hard to find, but pretty much required to date me) and I know she’s been in the mood for pussy lately. And now I can hook her up.

She was a bit surprised when she walked in and saw me in the shower (also easy as a bodyhopper: pranks) but you should have seen the grin on her face when she realized it was me. And now she’s back with the toys… and a strapon on her waist. She knows me too well – we don’t do the sub/dom thing, but I always want to try out a new pussy when I get one. She really is the perfect girlfriend.


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