Turn you Straight 1

“How about this? Does it do anything for you?” I asked.

“No” Jess responded.

It’d been 3 weeks since she was swapped into the body of a 26 year old male that went to the same bar as us. Though initally being shocked, she took to being a man quite well, other than the fact that she was still attracted to guys. Taking it from behind had never been her thing as a girl, and she wasn’t about to start now…

“Damn” I said. This was the 3rd girl I’d possessed in as many days. So far we’d tried the russian, irish, and now the latina look. There had to be some way I could get Jess to become attracted to girls.

“Shh, I can hear some more people coming, it sounds like a few more girls from the campus down the way. Wait here!” I whispered, as I pulled the girls clothes back on and crept around the corner towards the sounds of conversation…


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