“Making” New Friends

“Good girl, nearly there.” Her normally sweet voice is carrying a little unusual menace tonight. My co-worker and I had met after work for drinks to unwind and commiserate about the usual work nonsense. Everything had seemed normal while we were at the bar. She wanted to go home a little early and had asked me to take her home, as she’d had too much to drink to drive safely. I agreed, she was a friend and I wanted to see her home safe.

“Feels good doesn’t it? In a way I envy you, you’re more sensitive than I’ll ever be. Other women either, I’d imagine. That’s it, just get lost in that feeling.”

Things get a bit hazy after we arrive at her apartment. I remember her inviting me in. She’d offered me a cup of coffee to wake me up for the drive home. I’d agreed out of politeness and once I’d finished it I went to the bathroom before I left. I remember looking into the mirror… and that’s it.

“You sound so cute when you moan! I was told the drink would turn you into what your heart desired, I’m quite shocked that it’s a busty, chubby Asian. I pegged you for a lover of blondes the way I caught you eyeing Shirley in Accounting. Like my toy? This one’s my favorite and I just *knew* you wouldn’t be able to resist it!”

When I came to I was in this body and she was inserting this lubed up dildo into a totally unfamiliar place. I intended to push her away and try to escape but the sensation of it paralyzed me, and I can’t really control my arms and legs anymore.

“Well, you’re nearly done so it’s time for instructions. Your name is now Mandi, you’ve always been a woman. You will always keep your body in this shape, no gaining or losing weight for you! You are to keep your finger and toenails done at all times. You are to wear skirts, garters, thigh highs, heels and low cut blouses. You’re a slut at heart but you think you do a good job of hiding it. Above all, we’re “besties” and you tell me all the details of the guys you take into your bed. Now, when you orgasm all of that will become your life. So here we go!”

She’s pistoning into me hard now and I can feel the rising swell of my arousal carrying me on towards an orgasm. I have to get away if I want to be a man ever again, if there’s even a way to undo this mess. Maybe if I roll on my side and crawl…

Oh no… that dildo is hitting something different in there and… oooh… here it cooooomesssss!


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