Airing Out

It was a hot day at the company warehouse, and after a grueling day of checking inventory in the mandatory high heels, pantyhose, and tight skirt in the heat of the warehouse, Ted, now Trisha, was ready to take them off!

She had been changed to female a month earlier, as a part of the Balance of Gender Act or BGA that mandated random citizens would change gender to maintain the balance of males to females, after a catastrophic decline in females over the last twenty years. In return these citizens would be given new jobs and provided a place to live and start over if they so chose so as to avoid any conflict or ridicule in their old lives. Ted was one of those citizens taken in for gender reassignment after the female population started declining again.

Ted now Trisha realized there were new expectations for her even starting over, as a woman. The dress code was one of them at her new company, and while she was paid as well as the males, a mandate instituted after the gender reassignments began years earlier; she still had to contend with the dress code for females, some which were a bit chauvinist and old fashioned, but were tolerated. Some males just traditionally liked their female employees in the traditional blouse, skirt, hose, and heels.

Trisha didn’t mind the dress code, in fact she loved skirts and pantyhose felt great many times supporting her legs on long days when she had to leave the desk and do inventory, but on hot days with an un air conditioned warehouse, the dress code was a bit much. Her boss came in and even though her shift wasn’t over, said she did a great job on inventory, and he would let her get out of those cloths early if she did him a favor!

At that point, and after the change being into men anyway to maintain the population, Trisha didn’t care. She unzipped her skirt in the back and dropped it down around her nylon clad ankles, immediately feeling a breeze on her sheer nylon, around her legs and large round ass. She then got the skirt off her ankles and feet, getting the heels caught in it a bit. That was next, she kicked off the heels, her feet were hot and sweaty, and thought it wasn’t horrible, they did smell a bit as would be expected. They aired out however quickly. She then peeled off the hot sweaty pantyhose, relieved as her legs aired out with her feet, sticking too the floor as a result of the sweat. She was about to take off her blouse and bra as well, but instead the boss was already unzipped, his pants down ready for a blowjob!

As this was Trisha’s first blowjob, the boss had Lana from Accounts Receivable, born female, to show Trisha the ropes on pleasing a man in a blowjob. The boss was pleased, so pleased in fact, he got air conditioning in the warehouse the next day, so Trisha would be more comfortable as would the rest of the employees working in there, and she could feel better in her mandatory and albeit sexy skirt, hose, and heels. She didn’t mind this, she loved her outfits, and this was the perfect solution as a result of what the boss thought was the perfect blowjob.


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