Alternate Reality – The Kiss

(#alternatereality, part 2)

My ‘boyfriend’ Ted used a reality changing device to put me in an alternative version of my own life. And now I’m stuck as his girlfriend. Eugh. Part of me wonders if I should just let him wipe my memories so I don’t have to think about being a man inside of a woman’s body.

I looked down at my soft breasts and cupped them gently. I lifted them slightly, then released them, allowing them to bounce against their own weight on my chest. The feeling was so alien to me. I hadn’t even bothered to inspect my new vagina yet, but I wasn’t mentally prepared for it.

“I was thinking that maybe, you know, since you’re my girlfriend and all, that we could just make out for a while.” He raised his eyebrow at me, and put a strong arm around my tiny waistline. He pulled me in. It was all I could do to suppress my anger with him and not tear his face apart. I’d never get the remote back that way.

I felt nauseous just thinking about it. “Uh… I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that, Ted. I’ve never kissed a man before.” I squirmed out of his reach and just took a light step back. Ted wasn’t too pleased with that.

“Kayla, I told you what would happen. If you don’t believe me, I’m going to have to prove it to you.” I didn’t like the look on his stupid face. “Now, tell me, do you remember your first kiss?”

“Of course I do. It was with Emma Geiger. We were in elementary school, and she played hard to get. Eventually, we were kissing under the bleachers every day after school.”

He made a hand gesture. Fuck. I thought maybe something big would happen, but it didn’t feel like anything had changed.

“Okay. Now tell me again, about your first kiss?”

“Why do I have to tell you again!? I already told you, my first kiss was with Robby Fletcher. He was kind of a bad boy in school, but I always had a tiny thing for him. He took me under the bleachers in elementary school and taught me how to french kiss.”

The memory was so vivid, and somehow retelling it made it feel even more real to me. Like, I could still feel the taste of Robby’s tongue on mine, his arms around me, one lone hand exploding down my back until he got to my…

I shook my head. “Are you happy now?”

“So… you HAVE kissed a boy before.” He smiled. I wasn’t sure why. “Then why won’t you kiss me?”

“Of course I’ve kissed a boy before, I just told you about my first kiss.” I pouted, not enjoying this game. But I didn’t want him to change my mind on anything, so I felt like I had to give in. “Fine! I’ll kiss you, but it won’t mean I’m going to enjoy it…”

I stepped forward into his arms reluctantly, but felt like maybe I may as well give in. I leaned into him and kissed his lips for the first time. It wasn’t anything unlike when I kissed Robby, or all those other boys. The memories of those kisses came flooding into me all at once, in black and white, like I hadn’t thought about it in forever. Kissing in the car, kissing in the bed, kissing in the elevator…

Ted handled me much gentler than the other boys did. So that was a nice surprise. He massaged my back slowly as he worked his tongue into my cheek, and I instantly knew that this was what he wanted. To seduce me into a false calm. A relaxed but excited state of bliss. My body felt all the warmer for it, and I could sense his hand gliding down my back. Down, down, until he reached my ass. He gripped it cautiously at first, but in the heat of our kiss he pressed up harder with his fingers. Feeling around, narrowly outside of my pussy, but I could still feel it.

My eyes were closed, sensing all of these pleasures that Ted was bringing to my female body. I quickly reminded myself that this wasn’t truly who I was. That I still needed to bring myself back to normal.

His constant hand motions down near my vagina brought me close to complete arousal. When I finally felt the outline of his dick pressed against my thigh, though, I slowly but purposefully broke our kissing embrace. I brushed a strand of blonde hair from my face, and licked my lips at him.

“I think that’s enough for now, lover boy.” I brought myself to say it, had to keep up the act. “I had a long day, and think I’d like to turn in for the night.”

He composed himself. “Very well. But remember, Kayla. This weekend is our one-year anniversary. I think we should make it… special.”


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