Trump Card

Donald couldn’t believe it. One day, he was a loudmouth, misinformed, hotel baron gaining more and more support in his presidential candidacy despite the legions of naysayers and critics, and the next day, he suddenly woke up as a completely different person. With his blonde hair, bimbo appearance, fine jewelry, and revealing clothes, he (now SHE) could be called none other than something her old self was quite familiar with… a trophy wife. She stared at her huge breasts as she sat on her fancy couch in her lavish home, just waiting to wake up from this nightmare. But it was real. To her shock, she eventually discovered that she was now the wife of a rich old tycoon that used to be her biggest supporter back when she was a man. Little did the old man know, his young ex-stripper wife was once a man in a forgotten reality. The only person besides “Donna” herself who would ever remember the fool who nearly became president was the powerful witch activist that cast the spell.


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