When Lightning Strikes

This business trip sucked. I had to fly cross country to give a huge presentation to a couple of potential clients and I blew it. Then of course afterwards I had to have an agonizing conversation with my boss over the phone on why I couldn’t sell our product to them. And it isn’t like I had anything to look forward to when I got home, just an empty apartment and a little goldfish.

At the airport I got quickly through security so I ended up having free time to waste at the terminal bar. People buzzed by me at different speeds, some late for flights, and others were joining me at the bar to take the edge of flying off. Different languages everywhere, people were just whizzing right by me. However, this one woman catches my eye… she is beautiful- a complete smoke show. Long blonde hair that cascades down past her shoulders and down her back. A tight waist and full breasts and ass to complete the hourglass figure. Her eyes could hypnotize you in one look and her voice was high and perky- without sounding like a bimbo. I over hear her conversation with the bar tender: and she’s gonna be on my flight. Maybe today would be the day I sit next to her and join the mile-high club.

All the passengers start to board, including this goddess. I try to find her when I board the flight, but much to my dismay she is seated in first class at the front of the plane. She is MUCH to high class for me it seems. So I go into my coach seat and sit next to another man about my age that also seems to be on a return flight from a business trip.

About 4 hours into the flight the pilot announces that we are about to hit some major turbulence while we pass over a storm. Per usual, no big deal, right? Suddenly lightning strikes the plane and the lights quickly dim. When the lights return there is mass chaos throughout the plane, it seems that everyone on the plane has switched bodies (with the exception of the pilot who was apparently protected in the cockpit).

I open my eyes and quickly notice I feel much different from before. I piece together quickly that I’ve been switched into a woman. However, upon further inspection the long blond hair and high perky voice tell me that I’m in the body of that girl from the bar! I start to explore my new body calmly but I am suddenly jarred by a big man yelling at me…

“That is my body and that is my seat… now get out!!!” this seems to be the woman who originally owned this body and she seems to have switched into the body of the fellow who was seated next to my old body. But I don’ t want to give up this perfect body, so I think quick…

“Excuse me? I have no idea what you are talking about…”

“The entire plane just got struck by lightning! Everyone switched bodies, and you’re in mine!”

“Sir you’re making me very afraid. Please stop.”

“NO! It’s not possible! How can it be! That’s my body!” people start dragging the man back to coach, “you liar!!”

Liar or not…. I still LOVE this body.


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