Too much fun to resist.

Jessie walked into the living room still in the nude after exploring his cousins Sandra’s body with a grin of satisfaction still on his face and picked up the ringing phone and said hello still slightly out of breath in his new sweet feminine voice.

He was surprised to hear his own masculine voice on the other end screaming what have you done this time you dirty little pervert how dare you steal my body again his cousin Sandra scream down the phone.

She continue to screamed down the phone at him that you promised me after the last time that you would never do it again that you had gotten rid of the spell that made it possible after I promise not to tell anybody what you had done in my body?

Jason just said back I know I promise not to do it again but out of all the bodies I have swapped with yours was the best and you should be grateful that I did not take a handful of sleeping pills before I swap with you like I do with everybody else.

So just have fun in my male body and in a week or two I might swap us back but I’ve got to go your boyfriend’s just turned up & I want to see if he’s as good as I remember and with that Jessie hung up the phone on his protesting cousin and went to meet her boyfriend at the door.


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