School swap program

The body swap technology existed already for 30 years, but it was until now they decided to use it for educational purposes. They created a program for schools that was meant to teach the students about empathy and undrestanding each other. Not everyone were excited about it, especially those who ended up in the opposite gender. Mark was one of the few who looked forward to being swapped with someone. He hoped to swap with a girl since he was always curious about it, but when he opened his eyes after his mind was transfered to another body, he was more than surprised. Apparently, teachers could also participate in this program and Mark had the luck to swap with his young and sexy teacher Ms. Amanda Harris. Mark always thought she was the prettiest woman in the world and he was super excited for the week in her body.

Mark had a great time being his teacher. He enjoyed the power he had in class and how others respected him. But that was only a small part of the pros. When he had free time he often went to the clubs with his older sister to get drunk and hit on guys. Mark loved this lifestyle. He wished he could stay like this but the week was ending and soon Mark will get back to his old life. But when the time came Mark recived wonderful news. They can keep their new bodies as long as the two individuals are ok with it and it looked like Ms. Harris enjoyed to be a teenager. Mark couldn’t hide his excitment. He called his sister and told her everything. Later on Mark was already dressed up and ready for the evening, excited of the new life ahead of him.


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