Time will tell

I climbed into the bed and watched as my boyfriend is taking off his shirt. I bit my lower lip seeing his masculine chest. The sight was always turning me on. Kyle was a great guy and I’m so lucky to be his girlfriend, however there is one thing bothering me. The fact that he doesn’t know about my past.

I tried a few times to tell him the truth that i was born a guy but everytime I chickened out. I was afraid of loosing him. I mean when you don’t know that the girl you love wasn’t always Caroline but Charls and then you find out it could ruin your whole relationship. I know it’s hard to belive but I wasn’t always the woman you can see right now.

It happened at night. I didn’t feel anything. I just woke up and found out that the thing between my legs is gone. It was really a hard time and I almost gave up. Strangly with time I was getting used to my new world. I even begin to use makeup and dress up like a woman. Then at a bar I met Kyle. I didn’t plan to become his girlfriend, back then I was still not used to my new body and treated him more like a drinking buddy. He was keeping me company every weekend. I think it’s thanks to him I accepted myself as a woman. Sure it was hard to say anything about myself since I wasn’t born a woman but I was able to made up a story about my past.

Later Kyle begin to flirt. Surprisingly I liked his courting and started to do the same. It all happened so fast I didn’t even realize when we ended up in bed. Even after my mysterious transformation I never imagined myself having sex with a guy but I didn’t regret it. It was amazing and Kyle was really doing a great job making me feel like a woman.

Soon after that we officially became a couple. I love Kyle and I feel so good around him. He knows how to treat me well and make me feel special. That’s why I can’t tell him about my past. I’m too afraid to lose him. I know it’s not right and eventually he may find out himself but for now I don’t feel like telling him. Who knows? Maybe someday I will gather the courage to tell him. For now let’s see how our relationship will develop.


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