Our Tenth Reunion

Dear Heather

I am sorry I have not emailed you earlier about how things are going at the reunion. I have been very busy re-connecting with our old friends.

I must say that the Transforma technology has worked well but that we should have thought more carefully about sending me in your body.

I know it was supposed to be an amazing way to look at how people have changed, because you used to hang out with these guys. They treated you almost like a sister.

Now that it is ten years later and I am Heather, sister is not what is on their mind. Everyone wants to fuck me. They started by visiting me one at a time but now they have decided on the last night of the reunion to all fuck me hard at the same time “for old time’s sake”.

Heather what do they mean by that? I thought you said you just hung out with them. One of them said that they kept you going all night long after graduation 10 years ago. Do you go over there after I dropped you at midnight? You did seem to have a faraway look the next morning.

Speaking of hung, I love Luke’s cock. I imagine you have great memories of being fucked by him. Now we both have great memories.

I told Luke that if he and his stud friend come over to see us, we can double date. I think we both would like that.

Love, “Heather”


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