Tights Consortium

The Tights Consortium was increased by seven new members, who coincidentally lost their members! They were all “players” so to speak, and the women at the consortium wanted revenge on them. If they couldn’t beat them, they would make them join them! They would be permanently changed to fit the consortium.

We see (l-r) Grant, Greg, Glen, George, Garry, Garth, and Gaylord all lined up for inspection after being changed to (l-r) Gina, Gretchen, Glenda, Gillian, Gwen, Gabby, and Giselle. The inspector Brenda, seen that they were passed, all their asses were feminine, and looked lovely in the new tights they were wearing. The next step was to examine their legs and feet, then get them in some dresses and heels for the final inspection by the CEO, Tanya Tights.


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