Three Wishes

Ted, Glen, and Lenny found a genie in an old bottle that had been sitting on Ted’s coffee table all week. He had picked it up at the beach. Glen rubbed it joking it was a genie bottle, and to their surprise it was!

“I am the genie of the lamp. I will grant you three wishes Master,” said the genie.

Glen was the one the genie was saying was the master, since he rubbed the lamp. However, he wanted to split the wishes between his buddies, and the genie agreed since they were there, if that was what he wanted it was fine.

Ted wished for a longer cock, Lenny wished for a great stamina and libido, and Glen wished for a slut with an insatiable desire for cock. Suddenly Ted’s cock grew to 12 inches, Lenny felt a wave of huge sex drive, and well for Glen the genie liked to twist things sometimes for amusement, and did in his case, making him the slut.

“What the devil,” thought Glenda as SHE found herself squatting down with her feet perched up and weights on her chest, sucking Lenny’s cock while grabbing both Lenny’s and Ted’s cocks at the same time.

The genie said there wishes were granted, and was off to a new place, leaving Glenda stunned yet strangely aroused holding her buddy’s dicks! To make matters worse, Lenny just blew a huge load in Glenda’s mouth before she could even pull away, and Ted exploded afterward on the side of Glenda’s new face! Glenda was disgusted at first, but then oddly turned on by her buds!


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