“You and your stupid prank.” Joe groaned, feeling a powerful need come over his body. His mouth started to water and he felt an incredible hunger. His nipples got hard and his pussy tingled as he squatted down in front of his roommate, still embarrassed by how incredibly good he knew this was going to feel.

“Don’t forget you started it.” Tom replied and pointed to his cock, that even when hard couldn’t have been more than three and a half inches.

Three and a half delicious inches, Joe thought as he leaned forward and took it into his mouth. When he’d pranked his roommate with the dick shrinking potion, he’d never imagined he’d end up like this.

“MMmm, you’re so good at that.” Tom said and Joe looked up at him. Joe had planned to help his roommate turn back to normal of course… Eventually. It was funny though. Maybe a week.

Three days after he changed Tom though, Joe finished a beer and felt strange. Shrinking and slimming and growing tits and watching his dick turn into a pussy. Being a girl wasn’t the worst part of it though. The worst part was that Joe was compelled to suck his roommate’s dick whenever he saw that it was hard. And that it made him really fucking horny. Tom was much better at potions apparently.

“MMm.. so good…” Tom said and put his hand on the back of her head. At this point Joe knew what that meant and started working faster. “Aahhhnnn…” Tom groaned and Joe felt Tom’s dick twitch in his mouth, which then filled with warm salty goo.

*Glug* Joe swallowed it all down, wishing he’d shrunk Tom’s balls too.

“Can you turn me back now?” Joe complained for the umpteenth time, always the first words out of his mouth after swallowing. It wasn’t really what he wanted afterwards though. His pussy was so wet he could feel it dripping down his thigh…

“Hmm, I dunno. It’s only been a week.” Tom said and smirked, “Besides, having a tiny dick really isn’t a problem when you’ve got a girl who wants to suck it all the time.”

“Ugh. Fine. Whatever. I’m going out.” Joe said and went to go brush his teeth and get dressed.

“Don’t forget the condoms!” Tom shouted after him and laughed.

That was probably the part that irked Joe most. Not that after giving Tom head Joe was so horny he went out and fucked the first guy he met, but that Tom knew about it, and knew how much Joe enjoyed it…

Joe sure hoped Tom turned him back soon, before he got too addicted…


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