Things could have been worse.

Jason never wanted to be a woman or even a single mother but after the great shift left him in his mother’s pregnant body he had little choice in the matter.

He did not think things could get worse but they did after many weeks of searching his parents were found in a government run orphanage for adults who found themselves in children’s bodies.

So in a matter of weeks he went from being a carefree teenage boy to expecting mother with 2 young children to look after and care for.

He managed to get a temporary job answering phones at a local doctor’s surgery the wages were not good but at the moment every penny counted as his parents lawyers sorted out the paperwork to make him legal guardian over his parents and their finances.

Due to all the stress of finding himself pregnant and looking after his parents he found himself having a massive panic attack when he went for his first scan as everything started to sink in and the gravity of the situation hit home.

His doctor ordered him for his own health and the health of the baby to take a couple of weeks vacation and with the help of one of his family’s friends who allowed him to use there beach house for free he was able to take his family on vacation.

He had not had much money to spend on himself as what little he had he had spent on his parents & as he kept on growing most of his mother’s clothes no longer fitted him so he decided to bite the bullet and go naked on the beach even though he felt gross and fat and was surprised at all the glances he got.

He stood there on the beach soaking up the sun enjoying the feeling of the hot rays on his swollen breasts and belly watching his mother and father playing in the sand feeling proud to be a mother which came as a shock to him as he sucked on his ice lolly feeling the baby kick as he thought to himself this was not a bad life after all and at least we are all together.


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