“Thick” Part 2

Cheryl looked at Jeremy, now Jolene, and smirked. She had found the potion had a much desired after-effect: any weight Cheryl would gain, went instantly to Jolene, a fact which Cheryl frequently abused.
Jolene’s tits had swelled, her belly bulged, and her ass expanded. She had retained her slim face, however. A face which now turned to look at its girlfriend, with coy blue eyes.
“Hey baby,” Jolene said looking over her shoulder. “Sorry I’m not decent: you shouldn’t just walk in to my room like that!”
Cheryl walked closer. “But I like you when you’re not decent. There’s so much more of you to look at then,” she said, making firm eye-contact with Jolene’s hard nipples. Cheryl couldn’t help it: the sight of her girlfriend’s body powerfully turned her on. It was hard to resist. She started to remove her shirt, but Jolene stopped her.
“Hey, um, I’ve been thinking,” she said, her hand on Cheryl’s. “Maybe we should…spend some time apart. I just don’t quite feel the connection any more, you know? Don’t worry, I’ve got my things all packed. I just need to get dressed and I’ll be out of your hair.”

Cheryl waved to Jolene as she drove away, leaving her alone with only her thoughts. Well, her thoughts, and a kitchen full of fatty food…


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