“I just feel like nobody pays attention to me” I told my therapist, “what can I do? I want people to notice me. To care about me” I added. He then told me he had a solution, basically he said I had to be more confident, to strengthen my personality. “Easier said than done” I told him. But he proposed hypnosis to help me. I agreed.

He asked me to rest on his couch and relax. He went through the usual hypnosis steps, once I was in a trance. He started, for some reason to call me Katie. And since that moment I don’t remember my real name, well, my male name. He then told me I am and have always been a confident woman. At first I found it confusing, but he was right, I have always felt like I own the world, like I can do anything. When he told me I was sexy, I knew exactly what he meant, all men just drooled at my figure, and women were jelaous of me. He then asked me to undress myself, which I did without any hesitation. He gave me a few choices of clothing, and I got dressed in the most revealing clothes I saw. They felt just right. My breasts were sticking out. The sunglasses made me feel interesting. He asked me to pose, and I did a sexy pose while he took a picture of me. He posted the picture on his website “another satisfied patient”.

Afterwards, he asked me to wake up. As I did, I realized I was almost naked infront of my therapist. I felt a little embarrased, but sexy. He handed me my clothes. Somehow I felt like I had never wore the skirt and blouse he gave me, but they sure fit me. I left his office, and felt more confident than ever. That very same night I went to a club, looking for a guy to score with.


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