The Wizards

Many wizards specializes in one area of magic, but Eric among all had perhaps most eccentric one. It was a polymorph spell dedicated to turn the subject into obedient maidens. His peers looked down on him for treating such lewd spells, but Eric had a plan in his mind.He requested the master wizard for a meeting and the master agreed to do so. While he was unsuspecting, Eric cast the polymorph onto the master, who was now a naked girl begging for Eric’s love. The master only let Eric do so because he knew polymorph cannot last long. But he was wrong in that that rule can be reversed should the subject perform certain goal he shouldn’t do during the transformation time. And that was losing female virginity.The heat was coming from the belly. The master had to find a way to subdue the heat, and that answer hid in Eric’s pants. The master reluctantly asked to take his virginity while the spell takes off. When Eric got naked, the master approached him and placed Eric’s sick inside new wet vagina.Not expecting what was coming for him, the master wizard was stuck as she was. Obedient and beautiful maiden willing to serve him for all eternity to come.


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