the witches reality show pt1

Ricki groaned and rubbed the small of his back, the muscles aching from the strain of carrying around 15 lbs of jiggling, bouncing, fleshy weight for the last six hours with only a skin tight bikini top for support. He cursed, feeling the sting from where the skimpy top was cutting into the soft, feminine flesh of his back and chest.

The stupid fucking bikini was too small, even though the tag said it was a fucking double D! As soon as Danielle loaned it to him and he tried it on, blushing as his best friends nude girlfriend brushed her amazing tits against his arm as she took the clasps out of Ricki’s hands and helped fasten the bikini. Ricki was furious and humiliated that Danielle, a babe so hot that Ricki had fantasized about seeing her nude countless times and even put the moves on her on more than one occasion, ignoring the fact that Craig, his best friend was dating her, willing to do anything for a chance to stick his cock between Danielle’s legendary tits.

Now, here she was nude, her big, round, oversized double D’s on display, but instead of slapping and biting them like he’d always imagined, instead, he was giggling in a high pitched voice and thanking her for letting him borrow a skimpy, slutty bikini and helping him squeeze into it. Then, as Danielle smiled and began to apply slutty, pink make up to Ricki’s sexy, sorority babe features, making his big, blue dough eyes and soft, full lips even more pronounced.

Thank you and giggling was the only response Ricki gave, as yet again he found himself with those amazing tits of hers naked on display and right in his face as Danielle, who did hair and make up at a salon for a living finished the heavy, sexy make up and started teasing out Ricki’s long, brunette hair and told him what a babe he was. Ricki blushed even harder when Danielle grabbed his big tits and pushed the cleavage up even higher, adjusting the tight bikini top as she asked if she was going to enjoy giving every guy at the pool party an instant hard on when they saw how hot she looked in that swimsuit.

“Yup, I’ll enjoy it!” Ricki said between another giggle, his voice so high it sounded like he’d inhaled helium, in his mind he was cursing a blue streak as he looked in the mirror at his huge, oversized tits, barely able to fit into Danielle’s double D sized top, and, seeing his tits right next to hers in the mirror, he realized that even Danielle’s amazing rack was nothing compared to his… and, he remembered how his soft, tan, female skin had blushed again, from his dimpled, rosy cheeks all the way into his cleavage as Danielle said that they should just wear bikini’s all day to remind everyone who the sexiest, hottest babes in town were. Unable to resist agreeing, Ricki instantly agreed, and realized he was going spend the day at a pool party, in a bikini, with his gigantic slutty tits on display to show off to all his friends.

“Hey Ricki, is your back bothering you?” Craig said, causing Ricki to jump, startled back to reality.

“Yeah…” Ricki said.

Craig had been Ricki’s best friend before this fucking game show.

Now, the powerfully built college athlete towered over Ricki, and openly leered at his body.

“How about a back rub?” He asked.

Ricki kept saying yes to everything Craig said, even though it was obvious he just was sleazing on her, even though as far as anyone knew Ricki was Danielle, Craig’s girlfriend’s best friend. That didn’t stop Ricki from following him to a private spot over in the park by the beach. Or agreeing when he said her bikini top was in the way. Or stopping him when he asked her to roll over so he could work the front of her shoulders.

“You like when guys stare at that slutty belly button piercing?” He laughed, and Rickisaid yes, and he started playing with it.

“You like having your big tits out for me to see? You want me to massage them too?” He asked, grinning as he glanced around, making sure Danielle wasn’t anywhere near.

Soon Ricki was trying with all her might to stop him, but instead just whimpered and squirmed as he rubbed, squeezed and kneaded her huge E cup tits, then started playing with her nipples.

“You want me to suck on your tits? You want to see how hard your huge boobs are making my cock?” He asked.

“Fuck yes…” Ricki said as he lowered his head to her left breast and grabbed her hand and forced it against his jeans where she could feel his dick, so big and hard her tiny hand could barely grab it. Her mind filled with disgust but she couldn’t say no to him… and once he asked if she needed him to fuck her… she said yes, and then she really did need him to fuck her.

Fuck, he thought, trying to ignore how wet his pussy was, how his hand was stroking his best friends dick while he sucked on his E cup breasts.

Yesterday, he really thought things couldn’t get any worse, and then, last night, at the weekly contestant challenge, as he stood on the stage, squeezed into a tiny, skin tight french maid costume, hearing the bell ring and the timer start, desperate to not be last, the humiliation of having his bimbo body jiggling and bouncing on live TV barely registering through the fear of losing the contest. He screamed out, his bimbo baby voice making the studio audience laugh and hoot as he tried to keep his balance in the ten inch stripper heels on his tiny feet, but, as his huge tits bounced wildly with each mincing, awkward step, he was thrown off balance and fell boobs first into the four foot deep pool of cherry jello.

Ricki cursed that fucking witch Serena again, glaring at her as she tried to climb out of the pool, red jello falling out of her cleavage as the audience hooted and roared, Serena smiling cruely from where she stood at the front of the stage, looking just as sexy as she had when Ricki met her three weeks ago, her tall, toned, models body looking amazing in a designer dress. If only Ricki could go back, make himself somehow believe that magic, witches, spells and all that shit was real… and warn him not to sign up to be a contestant on “Sex Challange : Summer Edition”, a reality game show that Serena said he’d be perfect for as he agreed and smiled at her phone, which was showing him clips of gorgeous babes in tiny outfits at partys, on dates, dancing. He agreed instantly of course, figuring he’d be able to win any Sex Challenge since he was the most popular ladykiller at his college, every girl easy game for his lines, his star basketball player muscles and height, and the well known fact that he was very well endowed.

Ricki still remembers thinking it was some kind of prank as he found himself nude, strapped to hand and leg cuffs on a huge, wheeled platform, being pushed onto a huge stage in front a roaring audience, his huge, flaccid cock slapping against his thigh as the platform moved and he glanced around, seeing the four other nude and handcuffed contestants that he would soon be competing against – a huge, dark skinned latino body builder named Ramone that Ricki recognized as a bartender he knew from the hottest nightclub in town. His chest and arms were enormous, but he couldn’t break his restraints no matter how much he strained and flexed his clearly steroid pumped body. Next to him, a tall, statuesque blonde stood, her firm, high, perfect B cup tits and toned, super model body getting wolf whistles and cat calls as she threatened to sue every person she saw, Ricki recognizing her voice instantly, remembering how many times he’d heard that same voice complain, insult and belittle anyone with in range of it when his friend Peter had dated Stephanie Swanson for a month or so, until he could no longer deal with the ultra rich, spoiled, stuck up daughter of the city’s mayor, her perfect 10 body and looks and what a horny, dirty sex maniac she was in bed not even enough to make him put up with her insults, ego and ultra-bitch attitude.

A reality show by witches and magic users, for a special network that only sorcerers, genies and warlocks could watch sounded like a joke, as did the rules, saying that the audience would pick handicaps for each player and then they’d be given challenges to complete, the player with the most points at the end of the summer would win fifty million dollars and three wishes… the losers would be left with the handicaps they’d gotten from the game. That’s what was explained to them once Serena, mic in hand, silenced the audience and explained the rules.

Ricki, figuring they’d drugged them all since he could no longer move, and the other players seemed to be in the same state, still was able to mutter bullshit, not understanding why all these people would be here acting like it was American Idol while the sexy host went on about harry potter magic and nerd crap…

That was until, the fourth contestant, a handsome, tall, lean guy in his early twenties, his nude body covered in tattoos and his hair died purple and shaved into a spikey mohawk was told to walk forward and Serena read the first handicap, that, after a video was shown to the crowd, featuring “Snake”, the contestants name.

Ricki did wonder why that guy had let them film him banging chicks left and right as Serena told the booing audience how the 25 year old punk rocker, his bad boy charm and big dick always making it easy for him to pick up women, was verbally abusive and cruel to every girlfriend he’d had, and, how he constantly cheated on his pregnant, 18 year old current girlfriend Kiki, saying he couldn’t stand how fat she looked now as he stole money from her check book and used it to party his way into any stripper or bar babe’s pants he could find while Kiki sat home alone thinking he was working, crying from his insults.

That’s when Ricki’s world changed, and he found out that witches, magic, warlock run reality shows, all that crazy shit, was real.

“The audience has decided to bring your girlfriend in and let her help…” Serena said, as a young, very attractive asian girl in a tiny, low cut red minidress and heels walked out, glaring at Snake, her hands on her stomach where it swelled out in front of her, her tiny, petite body looking as if it could barely handle the weight of her 7 month pregnant belly and swollen, milk filled tits.

“How would you feel if you were the one who was dating a lying, cheating, bully his child swelling your body from bottom to top, that’s why the vote wants to see how you like it when your rolls and bodies are swapped!”

The crowd roared and Ricki’s eyes widened, not believing what he was seeing as suddenly, the laughing, smiling Kiki began to change shape before his eyes, her arms swelling, her legs and body stretching… and that’s when he saw Snake, silently screaming as he in turn shrunk, his skin darkening, his face becoming younger and feminine, his eyes melting as his face contorted, changing until had soft, full lips, big, amond shaped, sexy asian eyes…

Kiki was laughing, her voice now low and gruff, her body ripping out of the tiny red dress as she gained a foot in height, tattoos appearing all over her swelling muscles.

“Let’s see how you like trying to deal with carrying your baby with no help from me for a change!” She yelled, grinning as the crowd laughed and Serena asked Snake if he had a craving for pickles and ice cream.

Snake, his voice returned was now screaming and begging for help, his words coming in quiet, soft, melodic girls voice with a thick asian accent. He looked up, his sexy, full lipped mouth going wide and eyes opening in shock as he saw his own body standing nude in front of him, forced to stare up at himself as his height had been reduced to 5 foot 3, and he stared up and saw what he looked like from Kiki’s perspective, the towering, 6 foot 1 body that belonged to him pointing and laughing, making him look down, his hair, no longer a purple mohawk but instead a sexy black color with died pink stripes (Snake had told Kiki to doit, saying it would make her look sexy) that grew and grew and fell around his chest and stomach… which, as Kiki stepped forward and pulled his now ass length hair aside, revealed the swelling, milk filled, 18 year old tits growing from his chest… and, the huge, tight, very round and very pregnant belly that was blowing up like a balloon beneath it.

He was in shock, barely able to follow the next half hour, as Ramone found himself become Ramona, a three year old girl and adopted daughter to his first girlfriend, who he’d abandoned after knocking her up.

That 48 hours ago.

Ricki, after the crowd watched a video showing him cheating and using every girl he could get his hands on, as well as him bragging to every buddy had about how every slut he meets wants him, how women are all just dumb horny bimbos, and how they should all just parade their bodies around for guys, never say no, and the best babes, only the perfect fuck toy ones, with bodies made to give guys hard ons, who know to dress sexy all the time and show off their tits, cuz any girl with big boobs is a slut, and Ricki always said the bigger the better (him and his basketball team mates, Lou and Rich laughed at that point as he gestured to Danielle walking by in a tight sweater). This was intercut between him cheating on girlfriend after girlfriend, lying, bullying, insulting…

“You’ve used every woman you can as a sexual toy, treating them all like objects for you and that big cock to fuck and forget, but the vote says maybe after three months acting like you think a woman should, maybe your opinions you’ll regret…” Serena had said and Ricki had felt a tingling all over his body, and heard his voice, getting higher and higher screaming like a girl as he swelled and shrunk and felt his insides transforming… his body shrinking and softening… his hair dissapearing as his hips swelled and his waist shrunk… his chest swelling, faster and faster as his nipples grew bigger and pinker, the crowd cheering as soon he could no longer see past the huge, round, porn star tits hanging from his chest, no longer able to see his cock as it shrunk and shrunk, but begging for them to stop as he felt it pull up into his body, knowing and feeling that it was gone… replaced by a tight, hairless 18 year old pussy and a big, soft, sensitive clit.

Soon, Ricki found that reality had changed as well as his form, and now the entire world remembered Rick as being Ricki, an 18 year old bimbo babe with gigantic tits who’s only skills were dressing slutty, flirting and fucking.

Even worse, soon, as if having the tits, body and voice of the kind of slutty cum hungry bimbo he loved to fuck and forget wasn’t enough, but, after losing the humiliating cherry jello race to a pregnant asian babe, a chick with a dick and a three year old girl in a ballerina dress, the audience had given him two penalties… now he also now talked like a bimbo, everything he said being changed into a dumb, airheaded version in baby talk slut voice, and, even worse, just like he’d said so many times, he was a girl who never said no.

“I bet you can’t stop thinking about what my cock would taste like? How much you’d love to slide all ten inches down your slutty throat?” Craig said as Ricki stroked him and he rubbed the former male’s pussy through his tiny, sexy, and soaking wet bikini bottoms.

After the last round on that fucking magic Reality Show, Ricki couldn’t stop himself. He agreed with anything anyone said, especially guys… When he found himself transported back from losing on the second episode of Serena’s reality game show, he found himself agreeing with everything people said, and realizing that he needed to try and win points, no matter how disgusting the challenges were…

This new reality had changed and his best friend was no longer his team mate and frat brother Craig, but Craig’s sexy girlfriend Danielle… and the second the witch teleported him off the set of the game show he found himself in his new home, as her sorority sister and roommate…and found herself agreeing to go with her and Craig on a double date, dress up super sexy and show this friend of there’s from out of town a good time. Rick couldn’t say no… or think of himself as Rick, now he was Ricki… and he also couldn’t refer to himself as a man or say anything about what happened. He kept trying but every time he found that instead of the cops or the hospital, he’d called a hair salon or a gynecologist. The last time, when, after three minutes of talking to 911 trying to explain what had happened, he suddenly realized that he was on the phone with a local porn studio asking if they needed any nude models or cam girls, and saying how huge her tits were and how she was sure guys would pay a lot to watch her strip on the internet and jerk off to her boobies… finally, after almost making an appointment, Ricki was able to slam down the phone… he hung up and stopped trying after that, and had to also resist the sexy, knock out in the mirror who he kept imagining stripping… he felt up the huge tits in the mirror, watching the reflection like it was a private stripe tease, finally forcing himself to stop after raising his right breast up and licking the big, hard nipple which sent an instant tingle through his body, and he felt his pussy suddenly become wet. He had to stop! He wasn’t a chick, and he wasn’t going to act like a internet masterbation show babe even if it was for himself. He wanted his cock and his life back!

Danielle, her sexy tits and tight ass on display as she walked out of the shower naked, asked if Ricki wanted to go to her friends new tattoo and piercing shop. Yes. Then she asked if she wanted to maybe get something pierced. Yes. Ricki felt a wet, warm sensation between his legs and his nipples were swelling and tingling… he wanted to fuck Danielle just like he had when he still had a cock. Maybe he could swing some lesbo action…

“You remember my friend Mutant? He runs the tattoo shop, big tough guy, covered in tattoos… a badboy like you always date… I feel like you’d be into him…” Danielle said giggling as Ricki watched her comb her hair in the mirror and put on a lacy pink bra, her perfect, gigantic titties making me wild.

“You hear me you little slut? I bet your thinking about flirting with him already aren’t you! I know you, you’re probably thinking about big sexy guys and hard dicks right now getting youself all worked up like the slut you are, aren’t you?” She said jokingly as she started on her make up laughing as she teased me more.

“Yeah…” Ricki said as the fantasy he’d been working towards a plan of a lesbian session with his sexy new bff and roommate was gone and instead big sexy guys and hard dicks and getting fucked by three dudes at once just like Danielle had been joking about. She ran into the other bathroom and took the coldest shower of her entire life as a man or woman.


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