Roxie’s rabbit’s foot keychain pt 2- double team

I bucked my hips faster and faster as Vince knelt behind me. I felt him grab a handful of my long, dirty blonde hair and pull, causing me to arch my back and moan, his big, hard dick sliding even deeper inside of my tight, wet pussy.

“Oh fuck yes, pull my hair! Fuck me harder!” I screamed, my big, sweat covered tits bouncing wildly with each of his thrusts.

I heard a sharp slap and then a squeal of pleasure next to me, as Kyle slid inside Deedee, who was now also totally naked and bent over on her hands and knees next to me. The bed began to rock and slam against the floor even more as they began fucking doggystyle right next to us.

“Oh yes Kyle, spank my ass! Slam your cock into my slutty pussy!” Deedee cried out in her high pitched little girl voice as Kyle did just that, fucking her and smacking her round, apple shaped butt harder and harder, each slap causing her to let out an even louder cry of lust.

“Oh fuck Tiffani, your pussy is so fucking tight…” Vince moaned as he reached forward and grabbed my big, round left boob, squeezing it and twisting my rock hard, super sensitive nipple, driving me wild with pleasure.

“Yeah squeeze them! Squeeze my big, slutty boobs!” I yelled, glancing at Deedee and smiling as I watched her lick her full, pink lips.

We’d done it! Since we got this dorm room together six months ago we’d been trying to get a foursome going, but tonight we’d finally made it happen. I owed Deedee an apology, since I’d bitched and complained as she drug me to the Devil’s Den again, claiming she had a good feeling that we’d finally get laid tonight.

“You’re crazy, we never pick up any chicks at that place, we just blow money on dancers and come home with blue balls…” I remember saying to him as I moaped behind and got in the line to get into the club.

That’s when Dennis pointed out the two chicks standing to the side of the line. One was a foxy brunette, with a black goth looking dress, the other a impossible hot blonde, clearly a dancer, wearing a tiny pink push up bra and mini skirt. She was awkwardly adjusting herself, the bra barely containing the huge, oversized fake tits that threatened to burst from it.

“Let’s try ’em! With fake tits like that, you know she’s gotta be down for getting fucked… and I bet her slutty friend is too. Follow my lead and we’ll be taking turns banging ’em both tonight, I promise!” Dennis had said and pushed me towards the two girls.

“Hey ladies, what are you’re names?” He said, as we both stared at the blonde’s huge boobs, that were so oversized for her body it was a wonder she could stand.

“Sorry guys, private conversation… ” the brunette said smiling at the blonde as she awkwardly tried to cross her arms over her gigantic fake tits.

I’d started to walk off but Dennis, as always, kept talking, even though the girls were clearly not interested. When he flat out invited them back to our place to “take turns getting fucked” I I realized that… wait… that girl… with the rabbit’s foot..

“Oh god, Kyle don’t stop…” Deedee screamed. Suddenly I could feel my pussy begin to spasm… my pussy? That’s not right!

“Kyle… oh my… my… oh god… my body.. I’m… a chick… and I’m cuuuuuuming!” Deedee screeched, eyes suddenly become wide with terror as an orgasm began rocking her sexy body.

As Vince rammed into and held me on his cock, my entire body shook with a mind blowing orgasm, and as I felt him cumming deep inside me, I tried to pull away as I realized what we’d done…. we’d picked up two guys! Brought them home… and took turns fucking them… and that girl in the line… some kind of witch or something… she’d somehow…changed us into girls! Into fucking chicks! I heard Deedee scream in terror and pleasure as Kyle shot his load into her as well and I remembered everything that had happened, my mind becoming clear for the first time since standing in that line and that goth chick pulled out that rabbit’s foot.

“OK, that’s enough…” she’d said to Dennis. “I wish you and your friend were both the exact kind of slutty, bimbo party girls dressed like skanks that you’d hoped to meet tonight. Neither of you will realize anything is wrong though, and you’ll both go inside, and pick up the first guys you can, take them to your place and take turns getting fucked, just like you wanted to. I wish you’d both act and fuck like total cock starved sluts, and until you’ve each been fucked by both guys, you won’t realize what has happened, but the second you get the second load of cum inside of you, you will both remember who you really are…”

Deedee sat and cried and I stared at myself in the mirror, my big double D tits still covered in sweat, trying not to think about the two guys we’d just thrown out… or how their cum was inside of me… or how we’d both somehow been changed from two 22 year old male college students into… Deedee Cox and Tiffanii Melons, two 22 year old college chicks!

Even worse, all our ID said that’s who we were. All our clothes were gone, replaced with slutty, revealing, humiliating outfits. We couldn’t even remember our old names, all I could think of was fucking Tiffanni Melons!

Deedee hadn’t said it yet, but I knew she remembered the last thing that girl had told us as we’d pranced into the club dressed like sluts looking to get laid.

“Oh, and after you get your minds back, don’t worry, you can get your bodies back too… as long as you each get fucked by the the same twenty guys over the next ten nights. If not, you’ll be cock hungry college sluts for the rest of your lives. By girls!”

I couldn’t believe I was a chick… and I’d fucked two guys… and had to fuck twenty more in the next ten night… and even worse, I couldn’t believe how thinking about it was turning me on!


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