The two faces of body swapping.

Jason’s point of view

Jason did not see himself as a bad husband he never beat his wife Margaret up he just took her for granted he expected her to cook clean and sexually satisfy him whenever he wanted as he was a man and it was the woman’s job to do it despite the fact that she work long hours herself.

So could you imagine his dismay and horror finding himself in his wife’s body forced to do all the things she used to do for him whilst wearing a tight and sexy maid outfit feeling so small and frightened as your former male body forces you to bend over the end of the bed as she puts your knickers in your mouth giving you the first taste of your own pussy as she starts to spank your plump round ass giving you a taste of what was yet to come if you stepped out of line.


Margaret point of view

Margaret loved her husband and was willing to put up with his sexist attitude for a quiet life as she could see there was no way to change him.

But that all changed when she received a strange package in the post which contained a strange looking amulet and a letter explaining what the amulet could do.

It was from a distant member of her family that she had never met but somehow they knew she was not happy in her relationship the letter explained that the amulet had the power to swap two peoples bodies by just touching it to one and then the other.

Whilst her husband slept soundly that night not really believing in the power of the amulet she swapped bodies and a mediately swapped back.

She tested it a couple more times before she set her plans in motion she quit her job removed all her clothes from the house and put them into storage just leaving several ridiculous sexy outfits she bought hanging in the wardrobe & swapped bodies with her husband.

He was terrified and shocked when he found himself in his wife’s body as his wife now in his body explained that he must cook clean and sexually satisfy her whenever she wanted & that she quit her job so he could do this 24/7 and if he did it well enough she would switch them back.

She really had no intentions of switching them back as she’d already sent the amulet back to her family leaving them permanently trapped as each other as she shown her husband his new wardrobe of clothes and made him put on a sexy maids outfit before bending him over the bed and putting a pair of knickers in his mouth and with a firm hand started to spank him whilst telling him this was what he would get every time he did something out of line.


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