Engrossed in a book.

Jack was not coping well with the great shift turning him into a woman everything about his new body was so sensitive he could get turn on by the merest touch as his body and his mental energy merge together creating a new person.

His ex-girlfriend who was unaffected by the great shift did her best to help with him adapt to his new body & situation & his new sexual orientation as it was clear from day one he was no longer interested in women as she could tell by the look on his face every time he saw a sexy young man on TV.

She did her best to encourage him to explore his new body intimately and handed him a copy of Story of O telling him to strip off naked and lay on the bed and just start reading.

She was so happy when she came to check on him an hour later and found him gently massaging his clitoris so engrossed by the book that he did not notice her enter the room as she quietly shut the door leaving him to his exploration.


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