The text

My friend Alfred sent me a text: “dude! you must come to my place! right now!”. He usually sent me that kind of messages whenever he bought a new videogame or something. I had lots of work to do. But for some reason, I felt like work wasn’t important, so I left work, and drove to his place.

Once I got there I asked him “so? what’s so importat that I had to leave work?”, Alfred just smiled. “I know it is hard to believe, but remember my friends Amy and Kim?”, “yes” I said. “Well, they gave me a present, they told me to use it wisely. It is a notebook. They said that whatever I write in it comes true”. “Really? — well that’s stupid!” I said. “Sure isn’t, look, let me write something in it”. I saw Alfred write, then a small gust of wind entered the room. “So? what did you change?” I asked, “Look outside, your car is now a lamborghini”. That was stupid, “I have always driven that car and you know it” I told him. He paused for a few seconds, “oh shit, I forgot your mind gets altered too. Give me a second” he said. I saw him write again, afterwards a small gust of wing again. At that moment my mind got clearer. I remember how I used to drive a stupid all car, “a lambo? really?” I asked him. I walked to the window, and looked outside, and he was right, my car had been replaced. I didn’t notice he was writing something else while I was looking outside.

“So dude, what else can that notebook do?” I asked, noticing my voice was higher pitched. I looked down, and noticed I was dressed differently. “Why am I wearing women’s clothes?” I yelled. “Well… that’s because you are a girl”. “Turn me back you a-hole” I said threatening him with my fist. “You look cute doing that” he said. He then worte something else. Gust of wind as usual. “Why was I so mad?” I asked my boyfriend Alfred. “I don’t know, must be that time of the month” he said. “haha very funny. If it is that time of the month I guess there won’t be any sex today.” I was lying, of course I was going to have sex with him. I don’t know why I have stuck with him all these months, I am really hot, and he is an average looking guy, but everytime I just look at him I get very very wet.


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