The tea

“So, how is the tea James?” I asked my friend. “It is good, but to tell you the truth, at first it tasted funny, and I felt it burn my tongue. But after the second taste, I just can’t stop drinking it.”

“Glad to hear you like it. It is my special blend” I said, “so James, why did you say you wanted to talk to me?” I asked him. “Well, I am still looking for my brother, and I haven’t found him; however, some clues seem to lead to you”. He was right, a month ago, I used a potion to transform James brother into a woman. The truth was, he had found out I was a wizard, so, to stop him from exposing me I turned him into a woman, and he, well, she, is now living a different life. “Really? what clues?”, I pretended to not know what he was talking about. “Well, for once, you were the last one to see him alive and weeee… weeeEeeEE…ll… What is goooIInnggg Ooonn?” James voice was changing. But that wasn’t all that was changing, while we were talking, his hair had grown all the way to his shoulders, his hands hand become slender, his figure had changed into a woman’s shape and proportions.

James then took another sip from his tea. I guess he wanted to clear his throath. With it, I saw his face change, he now looked like a woman. He was still oblivious to the changes. “So anyways… let me know if you find out anything about my brother… please handsome?” his mind was slipping away, he was thinking more like a girl now. She then took another sip. “Ahh my gawd, did I ever tell you, you are hawt?” she said. “Yes you have, we have been dating for months now!” I told her. “Oh yes, I know, I don’t know what came on to me, It felt like my mind was blank for a second or two”.

I just stared at her, she turned out really hot. Plus, being the bimbo she turned out to be, she wasn’t wearing any pants. I walked close to her, and reached inside her with my index finger. I felt her really hot, she was ready. We started kissing, I took of my pants, and we had sex right there in the kitchen. Being a wizard has been a lonely life. But now, once the rest of the mental changes kick in, she will be glad to be my wife.


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