The Surrogate

“And it’s just for a few days?” John asked nervously.

“Yes, just a few days. A week tops, ” said Amy with excitement.

John gave her a dirty look. He didn’t want to spend any longer in her pregnant body than he had to. When his fellow graduate student Amy had suggested they swap bodies so she could finish her thesis without being hampered by the demands of pregnancy, John thought she was crazy. But he also felt sorry for her. The father had abandoned her and now she was a soon to be single mother trying to finish her degree so she could get a good job. So John agreed to help her. He had already completed his degree requirements and he was just killing time until the semester was over. Then he could collect his degree and start his job.

But he hadn’t really thought it would work. Not until after he and Amy wore the strange Rings of Reversal and found themselves in each other’s bodies. It felt weird to be a woman, but even more weird to be pregnant. He felt bloated and full, his large breasts heavy and enormous. He was constantly hungry, eating the strangest things. And when the baby kicked in his new uterus he really freaked out.

But as time passed, it began to feel more natural and comfortable. He almost felt a bond with the life slowly growing inside him. It was kind of exciting. Still, he looked every day out the window for Amy, awaiting her return so they could swap back and return to their lives. He had no idea that Amy had left school in his body after accepting the degree he earned, taking over his new job and his life. It wasn’t until he felt the first contraction that he realized that this baby would now be his, and he was going to need to finish Amy’s thesis himself. After all, babies were expensive and his new family would really need the money that a graduate degree would provide.


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