The spell

The plan was simple, me and my friend James would possess the body of the richest couple in town. He would possess the husband, and I would possess the wife. We would steal their money, and go back to our own bodies. “Don’t you think about me sleeping with you while I am a woman” I told him. He casted the spell, and in no time, I was in her body, looking at myself in the mirror. “Wow, I am hot”, and I looked even hotter the way I was dressed. “Maybe I should try sex” I thought, but immidiately corrected myself, “no no, that would be weird”

I walked towards her room, where my husband was waiting for me. “Hey James” I told him, “who is James? are you roleplaying again?” he asked. I realized something was wrong, James wasn’t in the body of my husband. I thought about running away, but I couldn’t until I found out what happened to him. I pretended to be this man’s wife. Which it’s easier said than done. When he asked me to give him a blowjob, I felt disgusted, but I went on with it. He massaged my breasts, kissed my neck. After a few minutes I was in the mood, so I decided to go with it, and had sex with him. It felt great, for a second or two I forgot who I really was and enjoyed being a woman. After we both came, we cuddled for a while. He then asked me “didn’t you say you didn’t want to have sex as a woman?”. He had tricked me, it was James all along.


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