The Slutball Team

Four members of the high school football team were instantly changed into chicks for cheating on their significant others behind their backs. They were turned into sexy sluts, and were aware of the changes, but so slutty, they were thinking more of sex than what happened to them. The girls at the school banded together to teach these cheating buffoons a lesson, hoping they would get used and abused like they were! What better way for them to get kicked to the curve after sex, than to make them insatiable sluts.

The cheaters were stunned at first at their new bodies, but their new urges soon took over, and they were after the rest of the team! When they all got dumped later, they did realize how much it sucked and how much they sucked, but it was too late, the girls decided they would be better people remaining this way for their misdeeds, perhaps learning lessons they never would have as men.


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