Plum happy

Bob had worked on the farm for ages. Every year at this time, they’d bring in the harvest…walnuts, apples and plums. Today was his rotation to harvest plums. He was a little groggy as the day began. It had been kind of a late night last night with the guys in town. Vague memories of too many beers and some strange new wine that some gal brought in for sampling. It seemed a bit fruity, but, what the hell, he was always up for a free drink. But since he drank that sweet-tasting concoction, he doesn’t remember much of anything else.

Here he was in the orchard ready to harvest the plums and prepare them for the farmer’s market in town that evening. He’d just picked a basket of ripe plums and was readying them for the foreman to sample when it hit him–a rush of pleasure that he had never experienced before. He just stood like a statue as he felt his body reshape. His rough beard was soon replaced by clear, pink skin and the tuft of hair on the top of his head was suddenly a lush and beautiful full head of hair. He reached back and pulled it into a loose pony tail, didn’t want it to get in the way of the work. The red work short and blue jeans were suddenly transformed into a cute halter dress that wouldn’t stay closed against lovely growing breasts. “What the fuck?” were the last words that Bob spoke.

Clearly, Bobbie was coming into full freshness. Her long legs were smooth and lovely and what used to be a tired and lonely cock had been transformed into a sweet and lovely vagina. “That wine,” she said as she released a batch of fresh fruit from her skirt into the basket. Bobbie smiled. I think that cute foreman is really going to like what I have for him this morning. She smiled as she imagined herself giving herself to him and maybe some of the other guys on the crew. I feel so lucky to be a girl.

And with that Bob was gone forever and in his place, a lovely, young and sexually starved beautiful woman who found herself at the right place at the right time.


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