The sales pitch (New Job 4)

The cab driver couldn’t stop looking at me, he almost crashed a couple of times. I paid him, and walked the rest of the way. People, not only men, but women were staring at me too. I got to my former employers office. Ready to comfront him. I didn’t even knock his door, I just kicked it open. I was so full of energy. “You! it is all your fault” I told him. I couldn’t believe I still sounded so girly. “Mrs. Coleman” he said. “Don’t call me that! you very well know I am not her” I yelled at him. “Please, calm yourself down, I will help you. Just close the door.” he said. I closed the door. And turn back at him, ready to hit him in the face.

“Mrs. Coleman, please. You must understand, the costume we gave you was a prototype” he said, “prototype? prototype my ass!” I interrupted him. “Exactly, your whole body is a prototype” he continued, “While you were modelling yesterday, we discovered there was no way back for you. That’s why we gave you a lot a money, a new house, and a new identity”. “I don’t care, I will sue your sorry ass” I kept yelling at him. “No need for that Mrs. Coleman, we promise you that by this time tomorrow it will all get sorted out” he said. “So you will change me back?” I asked more camly. “Not exactly” he said, “but I promise your mind will match your body”.

“The adaptation process should have already started. Have you had any strange dreams? or any weird behaviors?” he asked. “Not really, well just a dream. But no way I am going to behave like a woman. Before coming here, I had to look for the manliest clothes I could find” I said. “Are you sure? then… why are you dressed like that?” he asked me. I looked down, and realized I was wearing nothing but a black babydoll. Then it all came back to me, right before I called the cab this morning, I took my manly clothes, and put on this babydoll, applied make up, and even sent a kiss to my reflection and said “I will surely seduce a man looking like this”.

I dropped to the floor, and started crying again. “My life is ruined, I don’t want to be a woman” I said. “Sorry Mrs. Coleman, Kim, that’s not possible. We can help, you can get a job here. You can be our sales representative” he said. Somehow I felt happy, I accepted the job.

The next day I started working for them. I stopped thinking of myself as a man, and accepted my new life. That was 3 years ago, and since that day I have sold a lot of bodysuits. You can’t imagine how many people out there are wearing one, even some celebrities. Oh by the way, the question I get asked the most is if they are fully functional. Oh yes, they are, if you want proof, ask me again in about 6 months. By then you will be able to tell by the huge baby bump I will have, that I am not lying.

So, anyways, that’s my sales pitch. Do you wan’t to buy a bodysuit?


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