The Rest Is History

Gigi strutted down the sidewalk in front of the museum, a slight smile on her face. It was a great day—not too warm or cold, sun was shining, and she was feeling good. She knew damn well that Chelsea was going to be down at the local park trying to hit on Travis, who worked there during the summer. She knew damn well that Travis had a crush on her—he’d basically said as much to her—and Chelsea hated her. What better way to screw with her?

Chelsea, however, wasn’t bothered at all as she saw Gigi strut up. She actually thought it was hilarious. After all, Gigi used to be Stephen. Stephen had been all over her, even when she told him she wasn’t interested,and had tried to beat up her friend Travis. Chelsea, however, had a way around that, and she was getting pretty tired of Stephen’s stalking.

Using the Sphere of Time Chelsea went back and made a very slight alteration to the webs of fate. Months later Stephen’s mother gave birth to a girl instead of a guy, and the rest…..

As she watched Gigi drape herself all over Travis, Chelsea giggled. The rest is history.


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