The replacement

I wasn’t the best employee. I always did my best, but I were not closing any sales. It didn’t help I worked at a computer store, and I knew shit about them. One day my manager asked me to his office. “I know what’s going on” he said, “You are a good guy, and you do your best, but you are not getting any sales because you look like the stereotype of a geek”. “What are you talking about?” I said while adjusting my glasses. “So, I am sorry, but we are going to have to replace you” my manager said. “You are firing me because of my looks? I will get you sued!” I yelled at him. “Not exactly, let me explain myself” he said.

After a whole hour of him talking and explaining, and me nodding pretending to understand, he poured some kind of blue liquid into a glass, and handed it to me. “If you agree, just drink” he said. I took the whole thing. I felt really tired, and just passed out. When I came back, I was still on the same chair. But I had sure lost quite a few pounds. I looked down, I wasn’t wearing any pants, “am I… am I wearing a skirt?” I said outloud, and covered my own mouth when I heard my own voice. “I have breasts?” I asked. My boss handed me a mirror, I looked at it, and felt amazed at my new reflection. “I am her?” I asked. “Yes. Welcome aboard miss Munn” he said. I knew that wasn’t my real name, but I just went with it.

I stepped out, and felt weird when all the men were ogling me. A few days later, I didn’t feel weird, I felt sexy. I still didn’t know shit about computers, but I was selling them like hot pancakes. From time to time, I was even being asked out on dates. I never agreed, I wasn’t into men. Plus, I started dating a Andrea, a nice cashier from the same store. A few days later, my boss called me into his office again. “Miss Munn” he said, “if you ever want to go back to your old self, just drink this” he said while handing me a bottle of pink liquid. I looked at the bottle, and dropped it to the floor, having it smash along the way. “Oops, must have slipped off my fingers” I said. “Anything else sir?” I asked him, and walked outside of his office closing his door sexily with my butt.


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