New Desires

After Vince went to the Gender Change Clinic, he turned out rather beautiful. He even had a tight curve hugging top and leggings, with pantyhose under to keep his feet and legs smooth and shaped. After kicking his new flats off his nylon clad tiny feet, he looked at his friend Jerry with lust! Never had he looked at him that way before, but now he was what he chose to be, a woman, and him becoming one left him with liking men now! And he thought he would come out a lesbian! He was wrong, and needed more than a fake dong to satisfy his new desire for handsome hunky well hung studs! Jerry would be the first happy guy after being with the new lusty slutty Vanessa Rodryder. In fact Vince chose that name before leaving the clinic, and what a descriptive name it was of his new favorite pastime, riding rods!


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