The red head

I looked at the naked redhead sleeping on my bed. I just couldn’t believe a few minutes ago that was me. For 10 years I was in that body. During that time, I didn’t age, and all I could think of was sex. The curse was simple, for 10 years I were to be a bimbo, after that date, I would swap bodies with the next man I sleep with. I had forgotten all about it, I was actually a little bummed, I did have a great time as her. But at least I ended up in the body of a really successfull business man.

I walked towards her, and kissed her on her cheek. “Wake up” I told her. She was surprised, “what the hell happened? why am I you? and you me?” she asked. I explained her everything about the curse. “Today you will still think of yourself as a man, but starting tomorrow, you will forget that life, and become Amy, the redhead bimbo”, I told her, and she started crying, “but why me?! I was so successfull, I … I…”. I interrupted her, It is only for 10 years. I told her to enjoy her life by having sex with random men and women, but that in ten years she should have sex with a successfull man like myself.

I left her and took a plane home. The next day, I started to get this guy’s memories. “I am married? wow, I can’t believe I used to cheat on his wife”. In a couple of months, I got his… well, my life back together, and never cheated again. One day, I was watching tv browsing through some channels, and saw a familiar face, it was Amy, she had become a actress. I guess she had put her good looks to good use. I smiled, and changed the channel.


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