The Punishment

I had cheated again and now she had found out. My girlfriend was livid. She stormed into the room and started yelling at me. I tried to calm her down but there was nothing I could say. I expected her to just walk out the door but she did something that shocked me. She waved and hand and suddenly I was naked and couldn’t move. She says in a very breathy voice, “you didn’t know I have magical powers did you?” “From that dumb look on your face I think that answer is no”. she said coming closer. She took out what looked like a very old pen, like a fountain pen, and started drawing symbols on my chest and stomach. Finally, when she was done she smiled and said with a wicked grin “enjoy the punishment”.

My mind was racing. What the hell was that? She’s a, witch or something? I just starred at the door. What else could I do. I couldn’t move. I was stuck like that all night but things started to get weird about an hour after she left. My body started to heat up and I felt like I was melting. It’s as if I was clay and being remolded. I watched as my chest expanded to form some pretty impressive tits. I couldn’t see the rest but I could feel it. I was getting shorter, my waist was shrinking, my hair was growing. Most disturbing though is what I felt between my legs or the lack there off. My cock was shrinking until it was retreating inside me along with my balls. Then I felt a new sensation, a void. I knew it was a vagina and it made me wet instantly.

I finally feel asleep after the changes finished. When I woke up I was lying on the living room floor. I started feeling my new body and freaking out. I was a girl? Is this even possible? I couldn’t believe it. I went to a mirror and saw what she had done to me. I was younger by about 5 years. I’d estimate I was now only eighteen or nineteen. I was slim but had a pretty big bottom and those boobs were very distracting.

My ex had left a box. I went over and opened it and inside was a black lacy bra and panties. I didn’t know what else to do so I put them on. That was a big mistake. Somehow they were now controlling me. I went to my front door and opened it and a man was standing there. He walked in and looked around and said authoritatively “You’ve been a bad girl Cindy, haven’t you.” “Yes master” I said in my new high girls voice. He went got a chair and put it in the center of the room and sat down. “You know what happens to bad girls, right Cindy?” he said seductively. Suddenly I felt myself get wet between the legs and I rushed over to him and said sexily with a breathy overtone “yes master”. I laid across his lap and he started spanking me. I was moaning and the wetness between my legs was getting more pronounced. He slapped me a little harder each time and I moaned a little louder each time. After about the 40th or 50th slap I came. I screamed and my whole body shook I had my first female orgasm. My new master felt it on his leg and smiled. “Now look what you’ve done Cindy. I guess it’s time for phase two of your punishment. I lay there panting and whimpered, with tears in my eyes “OH YES MASTER.”


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