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The One That Got Away

I was out on my launch fishing, when felt on strong tug on the line, as I started reeling the line in the line yanked back and almost pulled me off the back of the boat. But I stubbornly tried reeling it in again, but instead of yanking again there was a surge in the water and I could see a massive silhouette speeding towards the boat, and a Mermaid leaped out of the water hanging on to the railing.
“How dare you hide vicious hooks inside tasty fish!” She shouted and threw my fishing hook back at me.
“This sea is mine, all these are all my fish!” She said as she snatched the bucket with today’s catch in it.
Her eyes glowed green and with a deeper voice she spoke “I curse you, you shall never catch a fish again, instead you shall become the catch and a very easy catch at that.” Her eyes glowed brighter and I suddenly seemed to be getting shorter and the fishing rod grew larger in my hands. I looked down at my now childlike hands and two mounds suddenly sprouted in my shirt. My shirt and trousers then shrunk into a skimpy bikini revealing a slender but shapely figure. She cackled at my gasps as I touched my soft sensitive skin then she slipped back into the ocean. Read more


Dominik (6) liebte die Fernsehserie Ariel die Meerjungfrau. Doch sein Vater Jürgen wollte nicht, dass sein Sohn sich die Sendung anschaute. Er wollte mit seinem Sohn Fußball schauen und keine Mädchenserie.
Als Dominik mit seiner Familie in Spanien Urlaub machten, sah Dominik eine große Muschel am Strand. “Guck mal, wie bei Ariel” rief Dominik zu seinen Eltern. Read more

Never Suspected

I was obsessed with Coralia. She was elegant and beautiful and vanished every day after classes. When my witchy little sister suggested magic to help me find out about her, I figured that it couldn’t hurt. Read more

Heat Stroke

You have been on this island for far too long. The sun is burning your skin and making your mind foggy. You barely remember your name, or how you ended up here…
You tried everything. A fire. A message in a bottle. Making a raft out of logs and leaves. Now, you lost track of time, not knowing where you are or if you’ll ever be able to leave… Read more

Bikini Beach Mermaid Part 2

Denise took the cream and rubbed it over her skin. Suddenly, her legs began to hurt. “Something is wrong with the cream” she thought aloud. Then, she fell onto the ground.With shock, she watched, that her legs merged into a tail. Fish scales are grew on her skin and her feet turned into a large fin.“Oh my god, I`ve turned into a mermaid” Denise cried. “Yes, I`ve told you, that you will swim like a fish. Don`t worry. If you leave Bikini Beach after your vacation, you will change back. said the woman from the shop.

Confused, the new mermaid lay in the sand. Her new body felt so good, but she hadn`t imagined her holidays like this.
“That would be 4 strange weeks ” she thought aloud.
And there was another thing, she thought about. She wanted to know, how mermaids goes to the toilet………..

Bikini Beach Mermaid Part 1

Dominik heard a lot about the Bikini Beach. Now, he finally had the occasion to spend his vacation there. Everyone was very friendly to him at his arrival. He was very exited, when the entered the shower. It felt wonderful, when his transformation began.
Long black hair fell done from his shoulders. Two large breasts grew on his chest and his penis transformed into a vagina. With a smile, he took a orange top on and went to the beach. Read more

Griechenland 2

Der Kuss war nicht unangenehm für Jörg, doch kurz darauf spürte er einen brennenden Schmerz. Er verlor das Gleichgewicht und fiel zu Boden. Seine Kleidung löste sich in Luft auf.
Auch er hatte jetzt plötzlich langes, schwarzes Haar. Sein Geischt verformte sich und für ein paar Sekunden konnte er nichts sehen. Doch dann sah er entsetzt, wie auch ihm zwei dicke Titten wuchsen. Er wurde auch zu einer Frau. Read more


Dominik war müde. Er hatte einen langen Tag in seinem Ausbildungsbetrieb hinter sich und wollte nur noch nach Hause. “Ein heißes Bad wäre schön” dachte er. Er ging ins Bad und stellte das Wasser an. Read more