The most of it

Rick’s roommate Dennis had moped around for months after his bitchy girlfriend had dumped him; sure, Derek had maybe cheated a little on a brief, drunken fling, but it was a bit extreme for Sarah to take his cock away and transform him into a girl just for that. All of Rick’s efforts to cheer Derek up had achieved nothing, and he was just about ready to give up.

Imagine Rick’s surprise, then, when he came home from work and found the living room couch empty. “Derek?” Rick called tentatively. No answer. Then he heard heels clicking on the stairs and watched incredulously as a girl wearing only makeup, pantyhose, and heels sashayed her way down.

“Good heavens!” Rick exclaimed. “Derek, what the he—” He was stopped by her finger on his lips and her gorgeous smile.

“I’m Denise now,” said the girl. “Rick, I think that Sarah’s spell is starting to affect my mind. I’ve been feeling lost and lonely and wet all day, and I…Rick, will you please help me?”

How could Rick resist such a request? He’d better make the most of it while he could.


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