Dirty, Filthy Whores.

“Party girls are the best!” Pete said to his best friend and frat bro Larry.
“Yeah dude. Too easy.” Larry replied. The guys were drunk and talking about the girls they just kicked out after fucking. However, the R.A. of the dorm, a young witch named Amanda overheard their loud drunken ramblings through the walls.
“Bitches right? Only good if they’re hot as fuck, horny as hell, and dumb as a rock.” Pete mumbled.
“Oh?” Amanda mused to herself before reciting an incantation to teach them a lesson.
“Yeah dude. These fugly bitches from tonight were the worst.” Larry shouts.
“Yeah dude. Too clean. I prefer my bitches dirty and skanky.” Just then both He and Larry began to change demeanor and appearance. They started to grow less concerned with posture and looks. They became lax with their sexuality and appeared to pose in more provocative ways. Larry unbuttoning his fly and sticking a thumb down it. Pete rubbing his belly, chest and legs in a relaxed sort of self massage. A sweaty smell began to waft off of their bodies as they took on the appearance of having not bathed.
“Yeah, skanky and filthy. Like don’t give a shit about themselves. Just fucking. Total pigs.” Larry added. Just then their body odor became more noticeable and their clothing became tighter to them, almost appearing feminine. Their baggy jeans became skin tight, their tank tops became cheaper and transparent. Their hair grew slightly greasy and frizzy as well as longer.
“These bitches had one thing though.” Pete said.
“What?” Larry asked.
“They looked cheap as fuck!” Pete shouts in a bro-like manner.
“Chyeah dude. That cheap as fuck spray tan and that cheap as fuck jewelry.” Larry adds. As they spoke their skin grew an orangeish brown and the sparse jewelry they had on, class rings and necklaces, were joined by dollar store checkout rings and bracelets. As their skin became cheaper and more tan, they too became less tasteful in their minds, not noticing the awful jewelry, but instead admiring it slightly. All this while their minds also became more and more focused on sex. They each at this point had ranging boners, however horny they were their male thinking of ‘gotta cum now’ had been replaced by a longing for prolonged heat. Horniness became favorable to them in their minds to cumming. They’d rather appear desperate to fuck for longer periods of time, which only made them harder. Especially when their cocks were noticed by one another. At this point their posing had shifted into sexily posing for each other showing off their dirty bodies to each other and rubbing their cocks through their tight jeans.
“Yeah. Too bad they were so smart. College chicks always have too much in their heads from school. No high pitched bimbos.” Larry adds.
“Yeah. I want a dumb as fuck high school drop out who only graduated middle school by fucking her teachers.” Yeah.
Just then they’re wondered what they were doing in a college dorm? Perhaps getting laid? Obviously it wasn’t theirs, seeing as they never graduated high school. Years of education began melting out of their brains. Basic math and writing skills, speech skills, history, science, all gone and replaced with nothing. A void waiting to be filled.
“Ya. And like, the cheaper the better. I mean I like super love it when a girl has like super really like fake as fuck lips. You know? Like all collagen and silicone.” Pete added in a vapid voice. Feeling his lips filling as he spoke. Leaving both Larry and he with idiotically bad pouts.
“Yaas! And like cheap ass drug store pinky lipstick and other makeups. Like eye makeups, foundations, and blushies!” Larry says.
“Ya!!!” Pete replied. As they said it so it was. Cheap, oily looking drug store makeup caked onto their faces and chipped nail polish onto their nails.
“And push up bras to make their like titties look like super fake and cheap and cleavagie.” Pete squeed. As he said this the two began to develop average sized breasts, the sensation of which was lost on them as to what was happening, instead they were merely turned on to the max by it, ejaculating into their pants leaving cum drips down their leg.
“OOh! And a constantly wet and dripping pussy!” Just then, their cocks were sucked into their bodies and replaced by a swollen and practically pissing wet pussy. Hardly dripping, more pouring out fluid. The two became sweatier and stinkier. The aroma from their cunts filling the room with the smell of hot pussy and B.O.
“And like petite, but chubby bodies. Like could be super skinny but like have bellies and sweet asses!” And their figures changed. Shrinking them down to tiny bodies, their muscle leaving and their beer bellies migrating.
“And faces that show both how dumb and horny they are at like the same time!” And their faces changed to youthful, idiotic visages with fake cocksucker lips, spray tan, and cheap makeup caked on.
“And their hair should be long, dyed, and look like they just had hot sweaty sex.” And so it was.
“And they shouldn’t give a fuck about being clean.” Pete shouts as he feels the heat wash over him, a constant slime of sweat permeating his being. Then their pussies grew stubble, then longer hair. Their legs became stubbly as well as their armpits. A hot waft of armpit hit their noses and their pussies throbbed jettisoning more cum and maybe even a little piss. They didn’t care.
“And to top it off, they should be bi whores with names like strippers…”
“Hey Patty Cake…”
“Yeah Lemon Drop?”
“Can we fuck now before we head back onto the streets.”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
And they through themselves together with a sticky smacking sound as they groped, fingers slipping, all over each others hot, fat, oily, sweaty bodies and they made a smell like no other as they came all over the strange bed they laid in together. Leaving themselves smelling not only of sweat, armpit, unwashed hair, fishy pussy, and cum, but also smelling of drying spit and now cigarettes.
Amanda chuckles to herself as she hears the moaning stop, but stops laughing when the smell hits her nose.


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