The Mansion

Somehow, someway, the mansion Brent inherited from his late grandfather had magically changed him into a sexy beautiful blonde woman after staying there just one night. He sat there on the couch, waking with long silken blonde locks, pert breasts, new equipment below, and was even wearing women’s clothing. He kicked off his heels seeing how tiny his feet now were, encased in the black nylon of pantyhose. His legs were smooth and sleek as he ran his fingers over them, and to his crotch which was flat with his new plumbing. The breasts were real, and soft and squishy, nothing like a man’s chest, and the hair was definitely soft and smooth and all his. He pulled off his skirt to get a better look and as he sat there on the couch in shock and awe, he realized one thing. He made the right choice in staying at his grandpa’s mansion that night. He also had to admit the pantyhose looked sexy on him and felt even sexier. Time to put that skirt and heels back on and see the world as the new Brandi.


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