The ladies room.

The ladies shower room, a place no man can enter, it’s off limits but I found a way to get in.

You see i’ve always been fascinated by the idea of sneaking in here and seeing women soaping and washing themselves without a care in the world.

I found a magic pill which allows me to temporarily change my sex, swap my cock and balls for boobs and a pussy.

The first time I came in here I was so nervous, I barely lasted five minutes before I was back out again. But it’s gotten better, each time I’ve done this I’ve been more at ease.

I’m now up to my 15th visit but I’m now starting to get worried. I’ve noticed that I almost feel too comfortable in here, I feel almost at home in here.

It’s gotten to the point where when I’m in ‘man mode’, say at work or whatever, I feel quite self conscious and ill at ease in the men’s room. Often I walk past the ladies door and feel sad that I’m not going in.

It’s beginning to feel normal for me to be in here running my hands over my own breasts, feeling the water run down my feminine skin and over my pussy. Surrounded by my fellow women who I now barely even ogle.

I think at some point soon, I may end up just staying in this form, stay as one of the girls. The draw of the ladies room is just too much.


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