Don’t tell anyone

“God, I’ve never been so turned on in my life.” She said as she pumped his dick. The other girl moaned in agreement, her mouth full of his cock.

“Me either.” He replied between gasps.

“Shut up Fred. I know how much you’re enjoying this. I was a guy too a few days ago.” Kyle said without looking up, continuing to pump that dick.

“Come on, you two just show up out of the blue and want to fuck me. Don’t act like I’m a villain for saying yes. It’s not my fault that fire at the plant released those chemicals and turned everyone there into sexy brunette chicks on my day off.” Fred said.

“God… Just- just don’t tell anyone we did this ok? Whenever they manage to turn us back I don’t think Mike and I could live it down if people learned we both sucked your dick.” Kyle said.

“You mean if. If they can change you back. Maybe you’ll both be stuck like this. You can be my two girlfriends.” Fred replied and smiled.

“God-” Kyle whimpered and shivered, “Don’t say that. The thought of being your girlfriend makes me feel…”

“Ah-Feel what?” Fred gasped.

“Damn it, give me a turn Mike!” Kyle said and pushed Mike off Fred’s dick with a whimper and lowered her own head down on to it, moaning softly. Mike started stroking Fred’s cock, then brought his head up and kissed him.

Brandon forgot what Kyle was about to say when Mike started kissing him and he spooged in Kyle’s mouth a few minutes later.

The process did turn out to be completely reversible on everyone but Kyle and Mike. When it was discovered it was because they’d both had sex (lots of it), the two of them never did live it down. Brandon sure didn’t mind though, and as much as everyone poked fun at Kyle and Mike, they were all extremely jealous of Brandon’s two sexy girlfriends.


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