The genie

Dammed genie… He was in a lamp, and when I was cleaning the shop, he went out of the lamp… “You have three wishes. Use its carefully”… “I need think… I wish a lot of money, I wish a lot of sex and I am thinking in a black and obedient woman for… ” “Ok, I grant your wishes…”

In this moment I can see white smoke… and I have a billion in the bank, but… there is a problem… Now, my skin is black, I have big boobs in my chest, I wear a black shirt, a bra covers my tits, and a thong panty covers my black chick… I am the black woman and when I was thinking in thi woman I was thinking in fuck with her!… In this moment I listen the voice of Leonard my best friend…”Lets go, Ann, I am in bed, naked, and my cock is asking for you…”… God, I can see where is the sex… Dammed genie… I will have a lot of sex us a black and obedient woman… I start to remover the panty …


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