Dressed to impress.

What the hell Mark! Where the hell are you going dressed like that? We need to stay here and figure out how to reverse the spell that turned us into girls.

Yeah, well you have fun with that Ben, I’m going to the neighbour’s pool party.

But, but you can’t, I mean look at you, those frat boys will eat you alive!

Ha! Only if they ask nicely. Listen we’ve been cooped up here for weeks with only a pile of dusty old books for entertainment. I’m going to go next door, drink too much and enjoy myself for a change. Why don’t you come with me? It will do you good to get out for a while, maybe you’ll finally see that being a woman has some upsides too.

No way! I’m a guy, I don’t care what you say I’m not giving up until I get my proper body back. I suppose I can’t stop you going but for God’s sake do you have to dress like such a slut?

Fine, whatever you stay here and bury your head in the sand, I’ll be out there starting a new life. Oh, and yes, you’re right, this skirt is completely inappropriate, what was I thinking? I’ll see you later, don’t wait up.


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