What a Change

Yeager went from watching the basketball game on TV, to suddenly being a skinny, tall, mature, brunette cougar grabbing her new large ass clawing into it with her new long fingernails, while talking dirty to some nerdy guy who was giving her hot sex. Her feet felt like they were on stilts, and they were in fact in shiny pumps with five inch heels. He had a sexy blouse with his boobs popping out, but no bottoms or undies. Yeager nearly stumbled having one leg up on the table with the man, stilted up in the five in heel, nearly making the new woman stumble. All of this happened in seconds for Yeager, and it was shocking, yet exhilarating with all the new sensations of being a female and having sex as one.

Yeager would later learn he was now Natasha Tease, a local porn star, and his name fit, as he turned out to be quite a tease in her smoking hot body.


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